Get grounded. Get calm & clear. Get on top of bad habits.


This was the year things were supposed to be good again...right? 

Only for most of us we've been feeling more scattered than ever. Our minds are all over the shop. We've been dealing with uncertainty and divided opinions and frustration and fear. It's taken us away from who we really want to be.

You know deep down you're meant to be doing more.... whether it's your health, your relationships, your career or just working through some stuff that you know is holding you back... 

you know it's probably time to do some work on yourself.

There is a lot of stuff you can't control right now... but your mindset is NOT one of them. 

Our thoughts, feelings and subsequent actions determine the results we get in our lives. If you want different results the most certain way to do this is to do the inner work on your thoughts, feelings and actions. It's that simple.

It's time to feel grounded and certain.

It's time to feel in control of our habits and choices.

It's time to transform anxiety and feeling stuck into positive action in all areas of our lives.


This one day event is designed to have you do TWO MAJOR things

1- To cultivate a grounded, calm and clear mindset. 

Without this you simply cannot expect the best from yourself

2- To breakthrough the long held limiting beliefs that are causing your suffering.

The bad habits you cant seem to break? The negative patterns that keep showing up in your life?  The bully mind between your ears that keeps beating you up? 

 You'll break down all of these and leave with a proven process to ensure they are gone for good.

What we will be covering in the event

  • How to build a grounded and empowered mindset
  • ​The exact steps to overcome the unhealthy or bad habits that are holding you back
  • ​Get clarity around your purpose 
  • ​Leave with a proven and simple plan to execute on your goals

What type of things will this help me with?

  • Come out of a stressed, busy mindset and feel grounded
  • ​Still get things done, still reach your goals, minus the self sabotage and stress
  • ​Overcome long term ways of thinking and being that are keeping you stuck
  • ​Learn to overcome anxiety, overthinking and feeling stuck with our signature PTM method
  • Put an end to unhealthy or negative habits for GOOD

Your presenter...

We're trusted by...

"I had a good life but I couldn't get a break from my head. Coming out the other side of that... it was like the whole game was changed. Same life but higher, achieving higher because everything was lighter."

- Emma
"I was the ultimate high achiever, very successful in my career. A solo Mum , coming out of an unsuccessful marriage. Inside there was still a lot of pain and it wasn't a nice way to live. I've been able to heal so many wounds. I've been able to find a renewed way of living. A way to truly love myself and still be the amazing high achiever."

- Elisa
"It's let me be the best version of me so I can give to my kids, give to the people around me, give at work. It's let me be so much happier and then I can help other people"

- Phill
"An incredible place and an incredible service. The immersion program, and then the evolution program, have thoroughly 'levelled up' my life in every way. I cannot recommend Awakened Lifestyles more highly to anyone who wants to shift or shake up their mindset, and then, their life. You won't regret it."

- Mel
"After completing the online course, I had no hesitation to sign up for the 6 month course. Within a short time my anxiety has decreased and living a more fulfilled life. Amazing team of friendly, professional people. So glad to have found them. Thanks for everything team."

- Soo Lynn
"Awakened Lifestyles has been a complete game changer for me. Since the moment I signed up, the coaches and community as a whole have been amazing! Have felt nothing but supported, safe and welcomed like no other community and cannot recommend highly enough!"

- Adam

For the first time ever, we are opening to vault from our $10,000 flagship program and teaching the most transformational practices in one day.

We have never before offered this much value in a one day event so we are limiting this to 30 PEOPLE ONLY... once the 30 are sold, there won't be any more spots so get in quick! 

BONUS: Sign up with a friend and you'll both receive an additional 10% off!



What if we go into a lockdown?
With the current times we are living in, we recognise the need for back up plans... we also know the importance of this work. We will take this event online in the case of a lockdown. 
What qualifications do you and the team have?
All of our coaches are qualified in a number of coaching modalities, some with the highest level of certifications in Australia. Our coaches regularly coach other coaches and run coaching accreditation programs across Australia. Some of the modalities include: ACT (acceptance commitment therapy), Evolve Now coaching, Matrix therapies, Inner Child therapy, Positive psychology, NLP master training, Meditation and mindfulness training, Tertiary studies in psychology and many more certificates and workshops. 
Who is running the event?
Anthony Noud - I will personally be taking you through the entire day. 
How long does the event go for?
The event will begin at 8am and aim to finish at 5pm (9 hours). There will be a lunch break in the middle. 
What do I need to bring with me?
A notepad and pen, water, lunch. The room can get cool so layers is recommended.