Take control of your mindset
Smash all of your goals
Build inner strength & confidence
Overcome all blocks & self limiting beliefs
Find mental peace & inner fulfilment
Grow self esteem, self love & security
Create & live your best life, period.

Friends, it's  that time again...

The year is drawing to a close and it feels like a frenzy to the finish...

Life is just so hectic these days.. work, relationships, health, finances... all competing for your energy..

Having a mind that constantly adds pressure and chimes in doesn't help either...

That little voice in your head that said this was going to be your year..

Or said that you were going to really make some changes when COVID came..

So it's been 12 months now, how much progress have you really made? 

Be honest with yourself... did you do what you said you would? 

Because in a few short weeks it's going to be that time of year again.. 

Where you start the year fresh and promise yourself that this time things will be different...

I'm really going to get myself in order now. It's going to be MY YEAR! 

And in fairness, you probably will start the year strong.  You might even make some progress

But then it feels like life starts to happen...

things get busy, curveballs come and even though you know what you 'should' be doing,  you start slipping back into old habits and before long it feels like you're back to square one.

Wouldn't you love...

- To just do the work on yourself and really level up in 2021? 
- To put the past behind you once and for all and just move forward?
- To feel confident in yourself no matter what life throws (cue a pandemic in the mix)? 
- To make major progress in the key areas of your health, work, relationships & mindset?

Let me take a guess...

* You’ve been needing to do some work on yourself for a while?
* You're secretly struggling with negative thoughts but pushing them down isn't working?
* You want to be the best version of yourself, and think it's possible, but don’t know how?
* You feel like you are meant for ‘more’, but feel stuck in your current situation?
* You hold yourself back from opportunities due to a lack of confidence?
* You know that you need more self love, but don't really know what that looks like?
* You know that something is holding you back, but you’re not sure what? 

* You think it's your mindset. Your self love. Your limiting beliefs… Yet although you know this you still don't seem to change.

Am I right...? 



I knew deep down I was meant to do something pretty special in this world.

I knew I was meant for ‘more’ but didn’t know how to get it.

I suspected my mindset needed to change and I'd been reading books, listening to podcasts & going to seminars... without any real results to show for it.

I would look around and see people achieving great things. I wanted that. But my life was nothing like those I was aspiring to be.


I wished I could be confident and self assured like the people I looked up to… but the reality was, I would constantly doubt and second guess myself.

I wanted to have a great body and feel fit and strong… but the truth was I was obese, and couldn’t ‘be healthy’ for longer than a day or so.

I craved financial abundance… but the reality was, that I was flat broke, trying to keep up.

I wanted to be a leader that helped people better themselves… truth was, the only thing I had on my resume was a youth spent as an overweight heroin addict who was lucky to be alive… Who could I help?

I’d look to others for reassurance, to tell me that I was ok (secretly hoping they’d help me) but it was never enough, and the golden ticket never came...

I knew that it was possible to find love and have an equal, healthy partnership with someone. I yearned for it. But I certainly hadn’t found it...

I carried around this story that I was somehow flawed and defective, 'not good enough' and even though I desperately wanted all these things to change, the facts were that I wasn’t very successful in any of these areas.

I could keep living in this dream land, 'thinking' I was doing the work by reading  books, going to seminars and setting goals in the hope that one day it would ‘just click’ (it didn’t btw)...


I could find a way to actually change myself at a really core level.

I remember having a major lightbulb moment.

I was living in fear and hoping that if I could just get the outsides of my life into place I'd feel ok about myself inside.

I realised that the person I was being was going to keep getting the results I had been getting. 

That person needed to change.

I didn’t need to 'think positive', ‘learn some strategies’ or do some ‘personal development’… (I’d tried that!) 

I needed to think, feel, act and BE a new person... the best version of me. On the inside first, because that's where I was feeling all the doubt. 

I decided that I would commit my entire life to doing this inner work.

Over the following decade I read hundreds of books, paid thousands to work and study with experts, went on retreats but most of all, I actually applied all this stuff in my life, every single day.


I began to gain mastery over my mindset. I started to not just 'fake being confident’, I truly felt it inside. 

Instead of treating myself like a project that I had to ‘improve’ upon, I began treating myself as if I loved myself (major key!) 

After years of applying, failing, trying new things over and over I found that there were 3 distinct stages I went through to make irreversible, positive change.

If you’ve done some work on yourself you'll see why these 3 stages, done in this specific order, hold the answers that the other things you’ve tried, don't. (thank me later!) 

Firstly, I had to KNOW MYSELF (stage one)

I had to go beyond my 'story', my past, the choices I’d made that led me here...

I'd been in the trenches in my life, truthfully, I was lucky to be alive.. but my mind was against me...

I had to gain control of this mind that would constantly overthink and beat me up, creating stress and low self esteem. (this was HUGE!)

I had to work out what my values were (not the usual honesty, integrity blah... but my own unique personal values). 

I needed to work out 'who I was'..

How could I expect to be motivated to get 'somewhere' if I don’t even know where I REALLY wanted to go or what that would mean to me?

Doing this gave me an incredible amount of clarity and relief. I felt in control of my life in a way I’d never known. 

This was awesome, as it allowed me to FACE MYSELF (the second stage) and ask some tough questions...

* What is it at my core that is keeping me stuck and living with fear and anxiety? 
* What is that invisible force that leads me back into old patterns, behaviours, habits?
* Why is it that even though I really want to make change, I can’t seem to materialise it?

I realised that everything I wanted was on the other side of fear.

I realised that specifically, we all have 3 fears that drive our behaviours. 

I learnt that there was ONE of them in particular that was holding me back, and causing a good 90% of all my problems.

This was huge. I had found the ONE thing that was holding me back. The piece of me that needed unlocking.

Most of all, I became willing to FACE it. And feel it in a safe & productive way.  I did that.


I realised all the things I was scared of (what might people think? What if I fail? Who am I to do this work?) were all stories that I’d made up that 99% of the time only existed in my head.

 I knew I shouldn’t be scared of them but I still was.

Intellectually I know you probably get this too, but when we still spend our lives trying to push down and outrun those beliefs, trying to prove them wrong, it still feels like there is something to run from, to be ashamed of, and this keeps us stuck.

It wasn’t until I became comfortably facing them did they lose their power over me (another major major key!) 

Which brought me to perhaps the biggest turning point of them all. 

It was time to CLEAN HOUSE.

This is where I had to go back and look at all of the 'stuff' that had happened in my life to date. The stuff that I had been pushing down and running from, the stuff that made me feel guilty and ashamed, the stuff I swore I’d never let other people know. 

I’m talking past hurts, relationships, jealousy, resentments, family stuff, anger, harm done to me and harm I’d done, my fears, my doubts, my dreams and my secrets. All of it. 

This wasn’t about digging up the past to see how much of a naughty boy I’d been. 

It was about realising that given what I’d experienced that OF COURSE I was going to end up with the beliefs I had. 

It was incredibly healing. It was incredibly freeing. 

It was like taking off a backpack full of bricks that I didn’t realise I’d been carrying around for a couple of decades. I didn’t have to do the old patterns anymore. They were no longer a part of who I was. This is an experience I wish for you also. I’m yet to see a single person do this process with us and not be a fundamentally different person as a result. It’s actually not possible. 

This was something I’d never got in all the other personal development programs and it was honestly one of those “life-before-this-process" and then "life-after-this" experiences .


Who is the best version of yourself?  What does that even mean? 

Who is the person that remains grounded, capable and peaceful no matter what storm is blowing around them?

Who is that person in relationship? In a career sense? In their health? 

How do they walk, talk, eat, think, act, react, sleep and live on a daily basis? 

And where are the gaps between that version of yourself, and who you are today?

This is about doing the sets and the reps, from a place of love, to be this person.

This is where we couple the most effective evidence based psychology and coaching practices for long term positive change, with quantum physics and the law of attraction.

In short, it works. Incredibly well. But you have to do the process in the above order for a reason.  

Otherwise you’re just rearranging the furniture of your life, the shine wears off pretty quick. 


Like I told you, I knew deep down that I was meant to do some special work in this lifetime. 

When I first embarked on this journey I had no idea that my purpose was going to be to share with you the exact step by step process to gaining control over your thoughts and emotions and ultimately becoming the best version of yourself, just like I had.

No wonder I’d taken my desire to change to such extremes - I needed to know a whole lot more than the average bear, to be able to share it with you! 

And that's exactly what I’ve been doing. For over a decade now.

Teaching people how to master their thinking in order to find mental peace. Take charge of their emotions to find inner fulfilment. Not just for the fun of it, but so they can become the authentic, confident best version of themselves, and flow that into all areas of their life. 

It’s brought me tremendous joy and a level of success that is literally beyond anything I had in my wildest dreams. 

I have vibrant health. I have a successful business. I have a healthy, loving relationship with a partner who is my equal. I have the cutest and possibly happiest child in the world. I am accomplished in all the areas of my life that I set my mind to. I live in my actual dream home on the river (I used to walk past and tell myself that one day I’d live there - part of our stage one process we teach!). My last car was my dream car, the current one was beyond my dream list (self limiting!). I have friendships with people that I know would be there anytime day or night. I wake up each day with a sense of purpose. 

Most of all, I feel safe to be myself, anywhere, with anyone.

I share this because I want you to know that it actually IS POSSIBLE to have both external success and inner peace. I want you to know that it is possible to be happy and content. every. single. day. 

All of this might sound nice, but it didn’t just happen by chance. Each detail was planned, intended, acted upon and manifested. The good news is the 3 stage process I’ve outlined above are the actual pieces that work (minus about a thousand things I tried that didn’t).


I obviously cant guarantee you a specific result (I don’t know what it is that you specifically want), but I can guarantee that we have the tools, steps and strategies to make YOU the person on the inside who has the exact life experience they want. 

In the last year I can think of multiple people on our program who:

  • Can operate under extreme stress and still remain grounded, peaceful and even happy
  • ​Had multiple promotions in their career or dramatically increased their success.
  • Become indispensable to their loved ones, their workplaces, their circles- elevating them to a position of leader and trusted advisor.
  • ​Saved marriages and conversely given people the strength to end relationships they know aren’t right for them. 
  • ​Ended toxic patterns in relationships or long term singledom who’ve found real love (and a few that now have bubs on the way).
  • ​Saved marriages and conversely given people the strength to end relationships they know aren’t right for them 
  • ​ Ended incessant anxiety, overthinking and self doubt.
  • ​Discover life purpose and meaning instead of just doing the ’shoulds'.
  • ​Overcome addictions and negative patterns of behaviour that held them back.
  • ​Overcome old limiting beliefs in their health to lose significant weight, cease medications (doctor supervised)
  • ​Discovered how to get out of their own way and manifest the things they’ve always yearned for in life
  • ​ Become more self assured, happier, fulfilled humans. 



(What you get)

* Identify the exact things keeping you stuck and have a step by step process to be rid of them forever.
* Be walked through the 3 stages of inner work transformation from A to Z.
* Create a lifestyle routine where you have time for all the things you know you 'should' be doing eg; meditation, self care etc.
* Understand, face and break through any blocks that limit you currently in a simple and realistic way while building self esteem and self worth.
* Integrate our bespoke self parenting process to gain mastery over your mindset and emotions, leaving you in charge of your life.
* Learn how to live in line with your values and no longer abandon yourself.
* Make peace with your past, let go of limiting beliefs, drop insecurities like they’re hot.
* Become more productive and get faster results in less time with our proven daily intentions process.
* Understand the common mistakes and patterns people run that keep them having inconsistent results even though they’re 'doing all the things'.
* Learn the formula for success in any endeavour that works in every area of your life.
* Make self love and self esteem tangible parts of yourself more than just buzzwords that you don’t really know how to achieve.

PLUS: The entire 3 stages of inner work laid out in a methodical, step by step video series. All the stuff you need to know, without the fluff, ready for you to transform. Listen, watch, read, write - whatever works best for you. The videos have accompanying inner work questions and workbooks to deepen your learning.

PLUS: A weekly live coaching session with me. Receive one on one attention, be held accountable, get answers, and be motivated and pulled toward your goal every single week.

PLUS: Access to our private app where you have all Awakened Lifestyles coaches at your fingertips every day and a community of like minded individuals. 

PLUS: Access to weekly Inner Work Circle: This is a group session each week where we come together and learn, share, connect and transform through integrating different inner work topics and principles. Myself and our team attend this and we are in the process with you, giving you unparalleled levels of connection and insight. Members who attend this regularly get the very regular side effect of being asked “what have you been doing? you seem so vibrant, happy, different…it’s working!” 

PLUS: Space to share: As little or as much as you like. Wanna join us by sharing your intentions daily by being supported by the group? Want to be held accountable each week to check in and see how you’ve been tracking? 


Our entire 12 month roadmap workbook & online module: Previously only available to our inner work elders (from our $5k-$10k programs) this is the only life planning resource you will ever need. Following the laws of manifestation and proven goal smashing processes, the workbook lays out the process of manifesting your dreams and gives you the step by step action plan to achieve the best version of yourself. If you follow the roadmap you will achieve the result. Really.

9 week nutrition & mindset reschool program: from the vault, this program helped 1000’s of our previous clients rewrite their relationship with food, exercise and ultimately reach their best body. When available, this program sold for $997 alone and we had many participate in multiple rounds - it’s that good!

We believe the power of accessing a state of groundedness and calm via the senses. The power of smell and sensation has been proven to give access to a state of mental peace andclarity countless times. As such, we are providing you with a Premium intro kit of Doterra essential oils. Using these oils to support your new inner work routine will help fasten and solidify your new self care practices.

Upon enrolling, you’ll get IMMEDIATE access to all of the above and can begin doing your inner work. Our clients that get the best results jump in, begin following the process and begin to see the results show up in their lives. This isn’t a course, it’s a way of life. Expect to find yourself thinking differently, taking more intentional action, feeling more happy and content and most importantly, having the results you want for yourself becoming your new normal.


Get 2 MONTHS EXTENDED ACCESS, at no extra cost! That’s a 30% extra bonus, including all of the new material that is added over that time and live coaching sessions with me each week for a total of 8 months! 

*** this is available to the first 10 people who choose the pay in full option.

About Ant & Team
Anthony has been working with high functioning humans and high performers for over a decade. 

Having overcome teenage heroin addiction, obesity and a life long story of 'not good enough' to grow multiple successful businesses, become the heavyweight Mr Qld, and now be the trusted coach for 8,9 and 10 figure business owners he has a definite talent for taking people from where they are, helping them breakthrough whatever is holding them back and reaching exactly where it is they want to be. 

His relatable, genuine, simple to understand and direct approach has seen him sought after to speak  for and partner with companies like BHP, CBA, Goodlife health clubs, SNAP fitness, Qld Government dept of youth justice and many more.. 

If you get the chance to do work with him online you'll soon realise it's difficult to not change for the better (even in spite of yourself)when under his guidance.

Meet the team

We are a team of qualified inner work coaches with a passion for helping others achieve, succeed and feel their best. We believe in freedom, honour, connection, presence and self-love. We are genuine, empathetic and have lived experience in many different aspects of life; from addiction, to eating disorders, to overcoming the "I'm not good enough" story, to recovering from serious illness and life trauma - there isn't much that between us, we haven't experienced. This is the basis upon which we are passionate about the wellbeing of others. We nurture a sense of belonging, a sense of purpose and an environment of support, collaboration, acceptance and quality relationships; where our clients feel safe and supported to do their inner work.

Eve Wilson
Business Partner, Chief Financial Officer 

Eve's is a remarkable story... from stressed out busy corporate, to a major life shock (cancer!), to a healthy, happy life against the odds - she inspires us, and everyone she meets, every day. 

Eve is Anthony's partner in business and life. She is a busy Mum to baby Axwell, while managing the behind the scenes of Awakened Lifestyles AND building the Wellness arm of our business as well (doTERRA). To say that she is a powerhouse would be an understatement! Eve's leadership and project management background is one of the pillars of this business.

And what's more, it's impossible to not find her energy and zest for life infectious! 

Emma Davidson
Inner Work Coach

From an eating disorder, to substance abuse and addiction, to overcoming her 'not good enough' story - Em is nothing short of inspirational!! We adore the contribution Em makes, not only to the Awakened Lifestyles, but to the world. And her clients agree. 

Her own inner work journey has been extraordinary, she shows up to life with courage, authenticity, vulnerability, love and connectedness and holds space for clients in such a way that they feel safe, nurtured and able to fully express themselves and become their best self.

You'll be just as blown away by Em as we are!  

Cat Valentine
Inner Work Coach

From pain, to passion and purpose, Cat's story is living proof that is possible to be happy and content every single day! Cat's experience of walking away from a marriage that was no longer working and transforming her relationship with powerlessness now enables her to be a tower of strength and empowerment for her clients.  

The results Cat consistently guides her clients to are by all accounts, incredible - and an absolute testament to her commitment to making the world a better place! 

Cat lives with courage and excitement, she relishes not having to be in control of everything and see's life as an adventure.

Allie Crombie
Client Experience Coordinator

The friendly face (or voice) that you will first interact with upon coming to Awakened Lifestyles; Allie wears many hats. She is our Client Experience Coordinator and her friendly, warm and optimistic nature will have you feeling comfortable and safe from the get go!

Her inner work has been a huge self discovery journey where she has gotten to know herself at a much deeper level. This has had an impact on how Allie lives day to day now, in line with her values and doing what's important to her. 

We couldn't do what we do without her!



“This stage is about gaining mastery over your thoughts and feelings so you are back in the driver's seat of your life. Expect a major burst of motivation before finding out who you really are, your values, what does your best day ever look like? And beginning to live in line with being that person. Expect a whole lot of relief, inspiration, awakening and self esteem building!"

* Learn our processes for finding motivation inside yourself that regularly blows away even the most successful people we work with (9 figure company owners, CEO’s, athletes etc).
* Create your ‘best day ever’ blueprint and begin setting daily intentions to live it.
* Build a daily routine that support you to be your best, from day one.
* Understand your unique values and build self esteem through honouring them.

* Learn the 2 principles that separate those who live life at the next from those who don't.
* Apply the foundations of an awakened lifestyle to your current life situation.
* Have practical, simple tools and strategies at your disposal for dealing with life and life stressors.

Episodes 14-19: UNLOCK THE BLOCKS
* Understand the 1-3 things that are keeping you stuck and holding you back.
* Observe how fear is holding you back from everything you want.
* How to end fear and live in the present moment.

* Ending overthinking.
* Parenting the mind (if you did nothing other than absorb this practice alone your life will change dramatically).
* Making peace with your body, feelings, past, yourself.
* Stepping into the present moment, a practical guide.


“This stage is the stuff that other programs don't do, which is why it’s going to get you results that you haven’t ever before. Expect to feel safe to be yourself, build confidence, let go of anything that is holding you back and put all negative patterns, beliefs and actions to rest for good!"

* Who is “my-self".
* Feeling safe to be yourself.
* Understanding your beliefs and letting go of self limiting beliefs.
* Begin overcoming patterns that keep you stuck.

* Understand all the fears that are holding you back.
* Get clear on how your worst moments were actually you doing your best.
* Forgive yourself and heal from past hurts.
* Let go of anger, resentment, people pleasing.
* Healing loneliness, abandonment, unlovable, jealousies and related relationship issues.
* Healing worthlessness, ’not good enough’, fear of failure.
* Healing powerlessness, control issues, perfectionism, overthinking & anxiety.
* Making peace with ‘what is'.
* Healing stress.


“In stage one you worked out what your best day ever, your dream life would look like. This stage is about making that happen. The best version of you? How does that person walk, talk, eat, sleep, think, feel and act? Forget ‘fake it til you make it' In this stage we do the sets and the reps to BE this person. If followed, and because you’ve done the deep clearing work in stage two, you can expect to be (and feel like) the best version of you that you know is possible inside.

EPISODE 1 - Infinity (this stage gets added to every week!) 
* Create my personal manifesto.
* What is my identity?
* Separating my ego from myself.
* Formula for success in any goal.
* How to manifest any experience you wish.
* Rewriting old beliefs.
* What is my purpose? 
* How to identify and live your life purpose.
* What is spirituality to me?
* How do I heal grievances or resentment?
* Practical mindfulness and meditation.
* PLUS a whole lot more! 

The best thing about this program is that it grows and evolves with you, with new content being added every week! 

Oh, and as if that wasn’t good enough, we’ll also give you access to the following modules:

BONUS: Behind the curtain: Access the untold, not safe for work version of all of our stories. The ups, the downs, the insider account of how myself and my team got to where we are. This is the stuff that most experts try to hide and only give you the PR friendly version. Over the years, we’ve recognised that by sharing our truth you realise that we are real humans also. This often inspires as you deeply realise that YOU (yes you!), are capable of anything you set your mind and heart to.


The program is run completely online*, via your own private app! accessible from both smart phone and desktop.

The program:
The entire 3 Stages and their inclusive 50+ episodes are all ready to go for immediate access! (includes resources, how-to’s and workbooks in addition to t the 50+ episodes).    

Monday nights: Inner Work Circle (group topic based session). 

Thursdays: LIVE inner work coaching with Ant (always recorded and available same day).

Daily: Intention setting & evening reflections plus support in the private app.

You have unlimited access to the entire course, live trainings, inner work circles, ALL previous trainings for the entire duration of your program. All course materials and workbooks are yours to keep forever! 

You will receive access to all bonuses immediately upon enrolment to the program and access to the network.

If you have ANY questions about the program email us on 

BONUS: If you are based in Brisbane (or close enough to visit) you will have access to the weekly inner work circles in person, at the Awakened Lifestyles HQ office in Albion. *subject to weekly numbers available and current covid-19 situation

THAT'S AWESOME!  How much does it cost? 
This is perhaps the best bit. For the person who knows they want to level up in 2021 and guarantee  their success we have a win-win opportunity.  It's a win for you because we have discounted the program to never before seen prices (not even close!) it's a win for us because we get to further our vision by bringing inner work to more people and it's a win for the planet at large as we have more grounded, fulfilled, purposeful and capable humans in the world.

This program retails for $3000 
You have an unprecedented opportunity to access it at 67% OFF! 
 (first 20 spaces before Dec 31st only!)


For the first 20 registrants before Dec 31st SAVE 67% OFF THIS PRICE! 

Be one of only 20 people to secure a spot for

ONLY $997!! 


BONUS: Pay in full bonus! Receive an extra 2 months access! 8 months total!

Pay upfront & receive an additional 2 months! 
SAVE a total $
  • 6 month program access + FREE 2 months
  • BONUS free 2 months access! (valued at rrp $1000 alone! )
  • Bonuses values at $1547!
5 easy payments
billed monthly, for 5 months
  • 6 month program access 
  • Bonuses values at $1547!
  • Remember, this program retails for $3000
billed weekly for 6 months
  • 6 month program access
So what exactly am I getting?..
Upon joining you have 6 month access to:
  • ​Private Awakened lifestyles Mighty network app
  • ​6 month Immersion program (3 stages with 100+ episodes & lessons ready to go)
  • ​Course materials, videos and resources
  • ​Weekly group coaching calls with Ant, Em & Cat
  • ​Regular "hot seat" coaching session which is a 1:1 breakthrough session live in the group
  • ​Unlimited access to weekly inner work circles
  • ​Daily, weekly & monthly intentions programming to ensure you are actually getting the results you came for
  • Accountability and feedback from your coaches every step of the way
  • ​Access to in-house challenges, meetups and events
  • BONUS: 12month roadmap ultimate life manifestation & planning manual
  • BONUS: 9 week Nutrition & Mindset Re-school program for your physical health to match your mental and emotional health! 
Is this a knee-jerk reaction to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)?
Good question. Many businesses are scrambling to get online. We have been working with clients online for over 10 years. This specific  program has been running offline for the last 4 years and has been continuously upgraded, edited and re-worked to it's current format. This newest version first went live in December 2019, long before COVID-19 was a thing. 
What qualifications do you and the team have?
All of our coaches are qualified in a number of coaching modalities, some with the highest level of certifications in Australia. Our coaches regularly coach other coaches and even run coaching accreditation programs across Australia. Some of the modalities include:  ACT (acceptance commitment therapy), Evolve now coaching, Matrix therapies, Inner child therapy, Positive psychology, NLP master training,  Meditation and mindfulness training, Tertiary studies in psychology and many more certificates and workshops. 
Is this program just a bunch of your old videos and PDF's mashed together?
I absolutely hate that. I couldn't tell you how many "programs" I've purchased in the past only to get access to a whole bunch of outdated .pdf's and incongruent video recordings.   That is NOT ok and not something we would do. ever. This  program has been custom made from scratch.  We took our most transformational in person 1-on-1 coaching program (RRP $7500) and re created it in consultation with learning and development experts from a top 500 company and created methodically for this sole purpose.  I promise you it's the real deal.
Is it only available as a 6  month membership?
Inner work is a way of life, and we intend on supporting you through that life for as long as it takes!  As such, this is a 6 month program, for those that want to really change their lives. The courses have been planned and scheduled so as to cover all of the content and integrate them into your life over 6 months. Doing less would be like only learning half a language... nowhere near as useful. 

 We truly believe that when you commit yourself to this evolution you will such a dramatic shift in the first month that you won’t picture life without us long term.
How much time and effort do I need to put in?
To get the very best out of the program the time commitment would be as follows:

Every day:
10-15 minutes in the morning
10 minutes in the evening

Every week:
- 75min Inner work circle
- 1 hour Live training call with Ant

At your own pace:
- Work through the video episodes, workbooks and bonuses. 

The rest of the effort needed will be you applying your inner work in your daily life. We don't teach concepts just for the sake of it. If it cant be applied to your life then it's not really worth much. 
I don't really like group things, is this full of weirdos?
You can be as visible or private as you like. It's possible to do the entire program without having to share or connect with another participant. Having said that, we wouldn't recommend it. We've had many people who aren't super keen on group stuff, I personally totally get that. What they've found though is that because inner work is attractive to a particular type of person, they find their tribe! Also, we are very tight on what we do and don't allow in our programs. We guarantee the mental, emotional and online safety and security of our participants while in the program. We also guarantee that when you do get involved, you will experience results that you've never found before. 
What if I can't make the live trainings?
The live trainings run on Thursdays at 1pm QLD AEST time. While we recommend doing what you can to make this each week, we understand that this might not always be possible. As such, we record every live training and make it accessible the very same day. Should you have questions you want answered, we are available to answer you directly after the fact.
What if I want more 1-on-1 coaching sessions?
These can most certainly be purchased by upgrading to one of our 1-on-1 immersion programs
Is the group just another facebook group?
No! The online group is a private 'mighty network' group which is a premium service. It's kind of like they took the good bits from facebook and created a private app while making it WAY better.  There are no ads, none of your friends can see that you're on the app and the only content you will see is inner work based.  We have been trialling it for use as a team and literally every person who logs in says "whoa this is awesome".

It's super easy to use (my mum can use it and she's 70!) 

You will find yourself supported, inspired and held accountable. It's really something special.
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